Thursday, November 3, 2011

the office

We had nice trees. They all broke and had to be cut down
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Biddie said...

What a shame!! It looks like some in the general area managed to survive. Is the brick building your office? The branches sure were cleaned up quickly.

And the offending snow is almost gone ~~ hardly a trace left there.

Kristen said...

No my office is on the left side, the brick building is bank of America who we rent from. They are not the best landlords but they got someoneout there quick to chop down the damaged trees, snow is melting quick because it was 60 today!

Cheryl said...

Hello there! We finally got our phone/internet back...still no power. That's a shame about the tree at your office, at least it wasn't the pretty birch. I couldn't believe it the first time I drove around the reservoir ~ it was like driving through a tree cave as the standing trees were so bent & broken. It looked like a bomb went off!

Kristen said...

HI Pookie!! We have power and internet and very happy! Rays mom still does not and is staying with us , going on day 6 , she wants to go home and I want my home back :)

Cheryl said...

On the CL&P website it says we should get our power back Sunday, but a CL&P guy told David it will be Tuesday. There are still trees hanging in the wires over here and I haven't seen any sign of crews. Sigh. I guess that's what comes of living out in the boonies. It's not so bad now that I have the internet back. I am surprised you guys already have power...yep, I'm jealous, lol!!

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