Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is this the Lochness Monster??

How this mother keeps track of all these babies I will never know! That is the most little ducks I have ever seen with one mother. One was actually riding on
her back! Then they all went over by the shore and spread out, they got scared of us and swam off. Usually it is Canadian Geese we have visiting and pooping all over the place, they have not been here this weekend so far...

Here is a view of the house from across the street

There must not have been any zoning laws up here. Now a days you can't have a residential house in the middle of two business. The bar can get quite loud as you see already there are motorcycles there. Since closing is at 2am, we get quite the loud partier's leaving for the night, or should I say morning.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold up here

But we still managed to get rides in the boat and do some tubing, sit in the sun, once it came out from behind the clouds but the clouds came back time and again and we had to cover, then uncover all day, without the sun it was bloody cold. My wireless is very slow here, I am tappin in to the motel next to our house and it's very weak in my kitchen, usually I take laptop outside to my outdoor office and it works much faster but it's too cold, I am waiting for the shower since we have a full house and we are going to dinner about 7pm next door to the restaraunt/bar. The house up here is right in the middle of the hotel and bar. Funny we go to the "lake" house to get away and we end up in a town bigger than the one we live in at home. It's so much fun here and we have gotten to know a lot of the folks that live here full time. I can see why they don't like the out of town people, since they can be not so nice but they have warmed up to us and even come over to visit and hang out with us. I can't seem to get my pictures to upload due to the slow wireless but lets try again....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Updates on the gardens

This is my favorite group of pots probably because they are doing so well, by now I usually kill everything on the deck because it gets so hot and I am not home during the day to water but so far, I have kept up, morning and night
The plants Cheryl picked up for me have grown HUGE, fin

Out by the road where my old bike is, I put some zinnia's and those really tall things shown above

Got some of these ?

White Astilbe (?) Help me out here Cheryl, I think this is what you had on your post

My new Zinnia's are still happy

Iris snuck in between the yellow thangs that I don't know what they are but huge

He's so lucky to be 11

he got to spend the entire day at Gramma's house in the pool

Oh it's so hot

The kitties don't even want to move, I don't blame them but rain is in the near future. Should cool it down quit a bit up here in the NW corner of CT

Sunday, June 24, 2007

my furry little friend came to visit.

Of course he got all pissed off at me because I came out and interrupted his dinner, he scurried up the tree swauking and switchin his tail.

Some fun in the Sun

Corey and some friends went to Gramma's pool today, I sat in the sun watching.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Before and After..I cleaned up a bit today and weeded

I hope this looks neater than before, It was so darn hot out in the sun today but breezy so it was nice
Transplanted those Huge things that Cheryl picked up and warned me they would be huge and not to put in pots. I still have two in a pot but they seem to be doing well so I left them alone, flowers are starting to come out too.

I didn't cut any of these but tied them up with some green string, they were just spread out taking over everything, the butterflies love them

Planted some Zinnia that I got at the store today

I need help!

These are pretty and all but they are just taking over everything, and I have to admit I have not done much in the gardening dept this year. Do they need to be in the sun? Can I move to the so called front yard in shady garden? I don't know what happened here because they were never this big.

Well If I can't be in NY right now I can dream of it

Here's the new boat we got last year. Rookie driver got pretty good at docking after some practice
Kevin showing off his stuff. He got Kasey into skiing last year, her and I got really good by the end of the summer

Little windy this day but it just makes the waves bigger so you can have more fun riding the jet ski

This is the hangout most all the day at the beach on the lake

Weeds that I thought looked pretty

Gearing up ready to go!

Gidgit (not her real name but she reminds me of her) & Corey tubing, this is the all time favorite thing to do

Friday, June 22, 2007

I got tired of looking at Crabby Neighbor

Here is a much cuter guy!! Except he doesn't like me taking his picture and I am a nerd

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crabby Neighbor

This is our Nosey neighbor, if you want gossip, he's the man to see and if you want to spread it, he's the man and if you want it spread incorrectly, again he is the man. He also is one of my very best friends dad, yep Kelly I hope you log on and see this so you can realize what I have to deal with having him as my neighbor, he gave you life but sucks it out of me. No really he is good to have around, now that he is retired or retarded however you want to classify him, he will do you a favor grudgingly but I know deep down he has a heart in there somewhere.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Laconia Again

Train to Mt. Washington, last year it was not running, probably too windy and cold this year it wasn't so bad I guess, I wasn't there, we chose to go a different way that some of the group
Some "things" you see along the way

1/2 of the group winding down for a night on the porch after riding

The girls.... two are new additions this year but fit in just like they had been there all these years

Dinner the first night we got in. I of course got lost getting there, yet again. How many times have I driven there and I still can't find my way?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Laconia NH pictures

Ray and Wendy have birthdays, on seperate days but always the weekend we are there so they had cake after dinner.
Are we in trouble?

Mt. Washington Hotel

And who's belly is bigger???

New things popping up

Butterfly Bush

Johnny jump ups

And whatever this is, taking over the garden, I think I may have to move it or at least thin it out, it must have multiplied 6 times

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