Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is it, I am at the end of the photo album

First one on left is Aunt Thelma and Uncle Eddie with Amy, Barbara and Aunt Judy and Uncle Bobby. Under that is Dad, Mom and Lois at her confirmation in 8th grade, Top right is David, Barb and Dad, someone took some bad shots with the camera and cut off most of Dad. Bottom on right is Lois, Kevin Kittlesen, David and Barb

Wedding Pictures

My mom's girls in the wedding, Jeannie Nesland 1st on left, Aunt Marian, last on right (Tommy & Kenny's mother) and the one in the pink is Ruth Ann from Hidden Acres. Second one in from left is Diane Lindgren
Mother, Jeannie, Aunt Marian and Diane

Aunt Thelma and Uncle Eddie's wedding and yep that is me Aunt Thelma has!! Grampa looks so young in this picture, well 95-38 would have made him....57! He looks younger than that

More oldies

This is Dad with an Amish beard, Chuck Carlson, and Barbara's dog Duffy (who hated me)
Dad and Chuck Carlson-- relative somehow from Jersey, they used to get together with us a lot until they moved to CA.

Grampa, Barb, Cheryl and David


This is Dad's parents with David and Barbara (Lois is sitting next to Grandpa) camping, I wasn't there again, I have no idea where and when this was
Dad's parent again

A few more oldies

Alfred & Charlotte's wedding and the Lois, Barbara and David, I of course am missing again
Both sets of grandparents are in the picture on the left, Ida & Elias on the left (Dad's) and Agnes & Ole on the right (mom's) The only one still around is Ole and he is 95
The picture on the right are Dad's parents standing in my parents house, not sure of the year but it has to be before 1973 - I think he died in that year

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some more old goodies

David and the neighbor, Danny Bailey

Me and cousin Wendy from PA

Found these old beauties

My mother has a nice hairdue, she looks about 12, I wasn't even thought of yet. I don't know who is with Dad and Grandpa, maybe David does.

Monday, May 28, 2007

He came back.....

It's kind of funny now, I know what he sounds like. his little peep comes through the open window and I can hear him from inside the house, he isn't ready for me to get close to him but I managed to walk slow and not scare him away

Memorial Day 2007

You can see one Jet, they flew over so fast I was surprised I got this shot, that is the neatest thing to see these go flying over your head and the noise is amazing, enough to give you goose bumps!
The service in the Cemetery

Hartland Fire Department, my mom marched as a first responder

Boy scouts

Hartland School Band

Our service men

The crowd waiting for parade to start

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The latest view of the yard

Peonies from NY, getting bigger, not yet ready to have any flowers on them

NY garden transplanted to CT, it's so overgrown, this is after I weeded
NY roses, I guess I need some poop like Cheryl has to make them grow better

Got these at Walmart today. I went for those square deck planters like I put on my bike, after I picked out all my flowers, then I go to get the planter and they were out of them. Duh I should have looked there first, so I end up with hanging baskets and off to Ocean state to get those shepard hooks for $8 a piece, good deal

Another Walmart purchase, they need to water the plants there, all of them were bone dry, I managed to get some good ones after I picked through

Walmart again...

Goof Ball

A bit blurry but this is my life with him a blur, he just keeps on movin and I try to keep up

This last picture is too cool, if you click on it to make bigger, everything is blurry but him. Don't ask< I have no idea how I did it.

My crab died :(

No wonder why he was hiding, he was dead!! I found him under the rcok, pushed him with a straw that I connected three together so I didn't touch anything in there, I am so afraid I might hurt some living thing I don't want to put my hands in the water. But any how, crabby patty died, I will have to ask why that may have happened, too cold too hot, maybe he just didn't like his new home??

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fish tank coming along....

We got some crabs, snails

and coral today, fish to come.... oH and a shrimp

Here's my boy

Cheryl I took these for you!!

Two out of three ain't bad

I just couldn't resist, he poses so nice for me, if I could just keep him of my newly stained deck
This is how we ended up getting the bike home last night since she decided to quit on us in Granby at 8:15pm

And I got 1/2 the deck stained. Went to motorcross this morning, I think I am heading back up because his second race should be about three.
So the other thing I wanted to do today was ride my motorcycle... didn't get to it.

The last thing is the crabs and snails, they are coming at 6:00pm and maybe some other creatures... who knows

Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Morning Ladies ( & Gents)

Cheryl I got some of these too, they look a little smaller than yours, how come?? I thought WH was behind EH, oh I know you are using Miracle Grow aren't you??? Either that or you talk to them a lot more than me.

I have my own Balance Rock!

Sunning himself

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