Sunday, November 30, 2008

NY Weekend, First snowfall 14 inches

My niece Kasey calling me on her cell phone, I was standing outside the window, too cold for her to come outside.

Gas price on the way home today in Mass

We ate at a place called the Bear Trap in Indian Lake, NY, the waitress said they usually have about 8-10 deer daily to get a meal, this guy showed up a bit too early so he didn't get any food but he sure waited a while before he ran back into the woods.

I took this to show Biddie (for some reason I thought of you with this quad) , one of our friends in NY owns a rental place for UHauls, snowmobiles, equipment, etc. his guys use this a lot to get around his shop yard

This is Kevin's roof, the snow just slides off and makes weird forms, I am not sure why or how it stays but most all metal roofs look about the same

This is the restaurant next to our house, it has signs not to park there for large icicles will fall on your car

Our new faux tile floor in the hallway

The new faux wood floor in the kitchen, bath and laundry room

New pellet stove in the living room, Ray had a heck of a time getting it just right, we have one in Ct house but this one is bigger and newer but harder to use

Kevin got a new garage for his snowmobiles.

There's my dirty snowmobile (maroon one). I have to get it out soon and wash it off, all the dust from the floor guy and the stone mason made a mess of the entire house and garage. I did a bunch of cleaning and THANKS Carmen and Joe. They stayed in our house a day before we got there and cleaned, what a mess.

Steve the owner from the Restaurant next door called and asked me to make this for his chef to hang above the entry door to the kitchen.
I hand painted this one because mostly I use stencils, but I didn't have a stencil that had this saying

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


On my way down the deck stairs, I noticed these feet prints that came from under the deck, Possum, Coon??? Any Ideas?

It's a frosty morning here, I had to start the car early to get the windows cleared

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ray was trying to finish cleaning up the yard and then put his lawnmower away for the winter, he got it started
after a while of trying, and the smoke was just crazy. somehow it got over filled with oil and the plugs fouled out, Phew after some work, he got it fixed but what a cloud of smoke it made!!


Today and yesterday I had this "extra large" woodpecker show up at my feeders. I tried my best to get a picture, this is all I got. I had a small one on one side and the big on on the other, I wish I got a picture of them together to show you how much bigger this one was.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

More stuff finished....

Made the frame for this punch needle out of some scrap oak wood

This is an old metal/tin Pie plate I got at an antique store

The bag I had the other day was not put together but now I have sewed all the pieces on

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harley the Luv Bug

Tuesday nights.... have turned into crafty nights

I started this on the weekend, finished it up tonight. This is the board that I had you all guessing what it was. No one got it .... it's supposed to be an old ironing board, like down in the picture of the snowman below, but I cut my own out of a piece of wood to look like the shape of an ironing board since I didn't have one.

I made this last year from John Sliney book. I like everything he paints and his books are so easy to follow along

Carmen, painted this snowman from John Sliney book on an old childs size ironing board she bought at an auction for a small price, I think she said $4-5 , she has another that is a little bigger she is getting ready to paint a scene on kind of like mine but more busy

This is a purse size bag I got at a craft store with intentions of sewing the fabric on to be a cute bag for one of my nieces maybe

I tried making jewelry this weekend! not so sure I like it, takes a long time and I have no idea what I am doing, this is a button bracelet, it's a bit too stiff, I think I used the wrong size wire

So any how, this is what I have been up to lately!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthdays!!!

To Madeleine and Dave my brother, I hope you both had fabulous days and I am sorry this is late but I thought of you both all day!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Painting Project

This is my version (not yet finished) on the left and John Sliney book version on the right. I love this guys painting style and I have all of his books, Cheryl painted me the pumpkin one up on top from a picture I gave her. I have it hung in my kitchen all year because I like it so much

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here I am....

I was out sick Friday after I was apparently bit by a short lived flu bug but I am back to work today ready to start a new week.

I managed to finish up 3 punch needles and frames yesterday

Ray built this handy wood holder yesterday and stacked it himself even, HE realized he needs another one.

This is the laziest cat....

And this one sits outside my kitchen window crying to come in all the time
I put up some feeders, I may be a bit early but look who came back!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

The fish have had a Halloween theme all month of October
Corey covered in silly string and that is Uncle David there in the background, trouble maker!!

Uncle David sprayed Aunt Cheryl too!

So Cheryl sprayed him back...

Grizzy Adams Came to my house for Tricks and Treats!

Rodney and Allison came to visit from Simsbury and helped me scare the kids, she wore a mask and hid in the yard a bunch of times, the screams were so funny to hear from the girls!

Me AFTER I took off my costume and makeup, these were tatoo's that I got at the store, so funny, people thought they were 3D

Pippie Longstocking came over.

Corey as a chimney sweep

And here we have Courtney as a kitty, she had a neat outfit on but got cold so she covered up.

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