Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things that make me happy.......

Excuse the poor quality of the pictures, my cell phone and blogger don't come out as nice as I wish....they look way better on my phone and FB but then I send them to blogger and I have a fuzzy haze............hmmmm

OK so some of my favorite things....Corey cleaning up his dinner dishes.. I know thats what kids are supposed to do, we did...well I hate to say it but a lot of kids now a days just don't do it

My mothers day card.... complete with $1 and appropriately signed Coconuts,  thats what I call Corey's GF

Corey's old boots I turned into a planter

Date night in Torrington CT to the Warner theatre to see Cash is King, a tribute band to Johnny Cash, Wonderful show!!

I'm going to TX SOON!!!  Austin to be exact for Ray's son and fiance' wedding, SO Excited, I have wanted to go to TX forever

The Emmons brothers, Steve the fish man ( he owns our local FABULOUS pet store) and his Brother Artie.  We get together every now and again with them and Steve's wife Pam, never a dull moment

Custom order of signs I did for a local girl I grew up with, for her daughters bedroom

and finally........my window balls on a gloomy rainy day....these are some of the many things that make me happy

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