Monday, September 27, 2010

Chicago Weekend

 This is the sky deck on the former Sears tower now called the Willis tower
 View from the 103rd floor was amazing
 More views from the Tower.  It took us about 2 hours to go up and come down, there was a line going both ways.
 Navy Pier view.  This was early in the morning Saturday before it got windy and the lake turned into waves like the ocean

 Navy pier has a stain glass museum inside, there were a lot from old churches
 One of the many ways you can take a tour around the lake, we didn't go on this one, we took the slow moving booze cruise

 The water tower

Old men looked pretty tired.  I always feel bad for these horses

Friday, September 24, 2010

Watch out Chicago.... here I come!

It's time for our annual work girls weekend and this year we picked the windy city.  I brought my camera so I'll put up pictures when I get home.  Have a nice weekend everybody!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nice walk in the woods today

Loch Ness Monster?
Well I got one of them to look at me
Explorer Cheryl, careful, those rocks are slippery!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time to say goodbye

When the hummers show up you know summer is finally here, it's getting cold now and they must disappear.  Farewell little friends, hope see you again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of summer in NY....

Had to move the snowmobiles to make room for the dock in the shed.  Here he is driving one from the shed to the garage that is attached to the house.
The dock comes apart in sections.  This is what it looked like when we started, the lake was 5" higher because of a lot of rain so the wood slats were lifed by the water, we have them tied down with zip ties so they don't float away.  This has happened before and it costs a lot to replace the wood.  The boat stays out on a mooring when we are not at the house so it does not get bounced around on the dock.
The boat trailer.  I back it into the boat launch and Ray drives the boat up on it and I pull him out.  I have become a pretty good driver with the trailer he says!!
The marina boat launch, I am waiting fo this man to get his party boat out so I can back the truck in next so Ray can drive it up
Filthy boat bottom!!! YUK , we used to clean this but then we discovered the place that stores the boat for the winter does it for us as part of the storage.  Thank heaven, it was such a nasty job
So back to the beach to take out the dock.  We had great helpers, Kevin, Paul, Maureen and me.  It went pretty smoothly
It's all out, looks naked now and sad to me, but snowmobiling will be here soon enough!!
The trailer loaded up and going back to the shed at the house for winter storage
Ray in blue, Kevin in Green and Paul shirtless, taking the last of the dock apart to put in the trailer

No time this morning to write a long story, I'll do that later. This new blogger thing is weird too, I uploaded all my pictures then I had to go and choose them all over again.  I'll figure it out later when I have more time. off to work!  Sorry this post is kind of out of order, they changed the way blogger is ,I will take more time and do it right next time!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Great Hunters

I came home and found my two ferocious kitties jumping all over in and out my garden, obviously chasing something.... Well, mister gay caballero Jethro comes up from beneath the mess of weeds and overgrown dying plants with a chipmunk hanging from his jaws. SHRIEK !!! Drop it , drop it, nope, he runs, I chase him with my one piece of mail (a bill of course) flapping at him, he stops, lays down and plunk, the chippy is flat out on his back, still breathing........ oh no, what do I do??? I slide my bill under him and hold him up so I can see him better.  No puncture wounds, he must be just tired and needs to be rejuvenated?  I talk sweetly to him and tell him my kitties are big bad guys, he shouldn't play with, shake the bill a little and his eyes start to open, he blinks,  Good Sign!! so I put the bill on the grass, shaking it a little, come on guy get up, get up.... he starts to jump all over like a jumping bean, oh no, he is hurt and his brain is damaged I think.... Well, not so fast, BAM he jumps up and runs around the house and goes into his hole.  Yay!  I hope he makes it -
I don't care for rodents but you just can't not help them darn boogers!

Have a nice weekend,I'm off to NY to take the boat and dock out of the water!

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