Monday, May 24, 2010

More Martha's Vineyard

Anybody have a clue what this is?

I think these are red wing black bird babies

Swan pond


Fancy Place

I think he was 8 weeks old, named Jonesy

Gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs


Cheryl said...

Those houses look like doll houses. Are they permanent residences or vacation homes?

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Oh my, that place looks wonderful!! Love the houses. The plant is a Scotch Broom, I have one in my yard, love it!

Biddie said...

What a beautiful island! I've heard about it ever since I was a child but have never visited the place. Your boss is very fortunate to have a place out there.

I started reading up about the scotch broom. That plant is very invasive and on a lot of no-no lists. I liked the form and was going to put it on my "list" for possible plants in my future yard. It seems that it only the rare one that doesn't cause a problem like maybe the one in your photo ...

Jennifer - do you have any problems with your scotch broom spreading?

Kristen said...

Cheryl those houses were built a long time ago my a bunch of methodists that used to go camping there and they replaced tents with the houses, some of them are really tiny, but they all take great pride in the painting and upkeep of them. There is no heat either.
That plant is nice Jennifer I am curios to your answer of Biddie's if it is invasive. I would like to have one in my yard

if you get up here, I would suggest going there, you would love it. Stone walls everywhere, it's a lot bigger than you think too

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I think the scotch broom is only invasive in warmer climates like California. I have had mine since last spring and it has grown a little but not spread or produced any babies. I'm in zone 6.

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