Monday, October 21, 2013

Keene, NH Pumpkin Festival 2013

My friend Teri and I standing in front of the giant wall of pumpkins.  At night they light all of them and the streets are lined with a million pumpkins..Well maybe not a million but wow! There was a ton of them and a ton of people... Too crowded for me, I get a bit anxious with crowds like that and then anger gets the better of me when I can't move and get the heck out of there.  The food court was even worse!  It was carnival food too, I'm not really into that stuff, plus it smells nasty!  Ok so enough of  my complaining, we did have a great time.  Stopped at Kringle Candle on the way, had a nice lunch in an old fashioned diner and had a nice time with each other

Playing with more bubbles!

 I still have not mastered this but I'm trying!  Sorry for the multiple posts and if I am boring you but I'm trying to learn by reading some photography books

Oil and water make a nice mix if you ask me

Experiment in my photography book that I tried to replicate.  Not as cool as the teacher had in the book but I think it came out pretty cool.  You put water in a clear baking dish, lift it up with glasses and then put something colorful underneath it.  I tried leaves and flowers in this picture.  Camera is on a tripod with my macro setting

Mums on Macro

These may not be clear because I posted them with my cell phone, I didn't have time to use my laptop this moring....late for work of course....I'll try to remember to send them tonight and see if the clarity is better


 These look like they are ready to float away soon- from a clematis plant that I have growing on my birdhouse pole.  Not my favorite, it doesn't "climb", it's more like a bush and I am thinking of digging it up

Spider webs

 Again the clematis, looks like the spiders are happy

And again we have more bubbles...........

 This is over a scarf, the teacher used a very colorful Hawaiian shirt on his- can you believe I don't own a shirt that has multi colors on it? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We still have leaves on the trees here in CT

 This is in our town last night on my way home, The sun was so bright at 5:30 I took a minor detour on my way home

Found a flock of turkey's on the side of the road

This is the most amazing stone wall

See the turkey's?

Ahhh what a view!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another wedding

Our friends Tara and Jay were married this past Sunday.  She asked me to be her photographer a while back.  After the last wedding pictures I did a year ago for another friends daughter, I learned that this is not something to be taken lightly OR do by your self.  I asked my friend Sandy to help and she was very nice to help out.  I took over 1000 pictures with my two camera's.  Sandy had a bit of trouble, her memory stick filled up in one of her camera's but she managed to get over 200 pictures on one camera and I'm not sure how many on the other camera.  In total we had 4 camera's and a lot of pictures, some not so good, some ok and some great.  When they come back from Mexico we will have a lot of work ahead of us!  I could never have done this alone and I am forever grateful to her for volunteering.  Congrats to the Happy Couple too!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo practice with bubbles

The boy and his girl

Senior pics continued

Check out these cuties

Corey and his girlfriend of 2 years

Senior pictures

How did 13 years go by this fast?? My little boy is not so little any more.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morning Glories

Sorry, I put up the pictures from home and came to work and noticed I put these up a couple times too many and I can't figure out how to delete them from here, my work computer doesn't let me blog much any more.  Any how, this is the end of the morning glories for this year, I took these pictures after work yesterday when the sun was going down.  I got a new camera lens that is supposed to have a macro built in like my old one that broke.  So this was my first practice @ macro with it. 

Friday night Wedding

We were invited to a wedding this past Friday in Farmington CT @ 5:00 pm.  Her father builds and renovates houses and my Father used to do all the hardwood floors for him and they used to go snowmobiling together up in NY where we have our house.  I wish my father could have been here to see this young lady get married, he died 14 years ago so she must have been a little girl when my Dad used to go visit with her Dad.  I'm very fond of her Dad and the whole family actually but he always gives me a warm greeting and fond memories

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