Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The boy and his girl


Priscilla said...

Hunk and pretty girl ... very nice pictures.
Does he have plans for after HS?

Kristen said...

Thanks , they are very good for each other and seem to get along well. She is going to college to be a physical therapist of some sort. He... I am not sure, his life right now is all motorcross... if I had my way, a policeman would be my dream job for him, he would just be so good at that, I know, it sounds weird to want my son in that kind of a position- he won't hear of it anyhow, he will probably work for his dad, machine shop, third or fourth generation

Biddie said...

I had my inner wishes for what careers my daughters should have followed based upon what I thought would have been great matches for their personalities and natural talents.

((grin)) However, being the independent, ornery and stubborn ones that they were, they managed to find their own natural paths! And doing quite well!!

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