Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nuts for squirrels

I feed them peanuts so they leave my birdseed far it's working and I'm getting 2 blue jays taking peanuts too. 

Last ride for this year was supposed to be 60 but I don't think it was 50!  And riding on a motorcycle makes it even colder!!!  We are standing in front of The Goodspeed Opera house.  A wonderful place to see a play in CT.

Me and the Mr.

Out for a quick dinner and catching up with a few friends

Got my peepers dilated

I have a's the most annoying thing ever...I mean ever.  I hate it and wish it would go away...hopefully in time it will but I had it checked out and he gave me these lovely glasses to wear after.  Plastic and cardboard ...Real classy don't ya think?

Old friends

One of my dear old childhood friends, Kelly and I.  We got together last Friday with a group of girls.  I don't see her very often any more so it was a nice time catching up and of course busting each other a bit...we always manage to get into some sort of trouble too...always good of course!

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