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Annual Trip to NYC for Christmas

This year it was Teri, Pam, and Maureen (Mo)

 Andiron Building
 Mo and Teri
 Citibank had these bikes everywhere you can rent and return to another spot later on, Great idea I think

 The Salvation Army has donations in the most populated places and they all sing and dance, it's pretty entertaining to watch them
 View of the Empire state building
 Oops, someone ran out of gas, good thing she had a bike in her car, she rode it to get her gas cans filled.... Wonder why she even had gas cans in her car, think this may happen to her quite often?  She got a ticket too by the way, blocking traffic or something
 The decorations are always very pretty in all the stores
 Pit stop to warm up, rest our little tootsies and have a little Christmas Cheer in a very nice Irish Pub with Bar keeper that even had Irish accents

 Nothing is free any more.... you have to tip the characters if you want to take a pic with them, they have bags that say "tips" right on them
Times Square

Creepy . thats all these were, they had masks on and when they talked it was muffled... Creepy I say

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