Sunday, November 7, 2010

Various bird visitors today

Starling or is this a grackle?
Tufted Titmouse

This poor Cardinal lost his tail feathers.  Not sure what happened to him but he spends a lot of time at my feeders.


Priscilla said...

I saw a tailless sparrow last year at my feeder. The feathers grew back very quickly.
Nice pictures. You have a lot of birds. The mourning doves have found my tube feeder--explosion of grey things when I walk up.
Starling, the speckled one.

Cheryl said...

That starling shot is really good! I finally hung a birdfeeder out, but I'm keeping an eye out for bears, I don't think it's been cold enough for them to have gone to bed for the winter.

Have you seen any bears over there?

Biddie said...

Wow .. what an amazing variety of birds you have there! The starling has a mind-blowing feather set - that's the first time I've really seen one up close like this.

The poor little cardinal - hope it's feathers grow out quickly - you wonder what happened to it - did it molt all at the same time - did its tail feathers get caught somewhere and they pulled out as it was struggling??? Just makes you wonder ....

P.S. your background change surprised me - at first I didn't realize it and I kept waiting for the green one to appear - dummy that I am ((grin))

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