Monday, April 30, 2007


Nothing exciting to say today, boring day at work, came home and worked in the shop, this one won't leave me alone!

Would you like to guess what it is?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hartland Moose

A friend of mine sent me these, here daughter was out hunting in the woods with her father and she thought she saw a horse, deer, oh my, not either of those but Mr. Moose!!

My motorcross man

Today was his first race for this year, he had two, I missed the first one but he got 6th place. The second one he did even better, I had to leave, "nature" called and I refuse to use a porta potty and he wasn't going to find out what place he got until about 5, I couldn't wait another hour, I sat there today for 4 hours waiting for his turn. I'm very proud of him for doing so well. I tried to upload a movie I took but blog won't let you put movies on, or I just don't know how.

Stupid Birdhouse

Cheryl you were right, they fall apart when you hang them outside!

Hey I have flowers!

I forget the name of these yellow bulbs but they and the little purple peanuts are the first to come out. My bleeding heart is already getting pretty big, last year it was huge. My mom has one that looks like it could be a tree.

The flowers are coming, the flowers are coming..

They are getting bigger!! And there is Jethro coming home after a night out with the ladies, or should I say guys?? We are not sure about his orientation but whatever I love him any way.

Same tree different day

No more snow and rain, the sun is out today!! Looks like it is going to be nice today finally. Yesterday was just ugly with all that rain but today is bright and sunny, the birds are singing, the trees, flowers, etc are all looking better. The rain was good for them but I am glad it's over and we can have a nice day outside.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Gang

I tried to get them all together at the same time.... There is an orange kitty sleeping in there somewhere. The ones on the right side without a face are supposed to look a wee bit Amish

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More of my friends

They're Coming along....

Some growth improvements on the bulbs, maybe today's rain will help. It got cold again, I was liking the 85 degrees on Monday and Tuesday was upper 70's, now we are down to 50's again, I had to put a sweatshirt on when I got home.
I also went to the dentist today for a cleaning, no cavities!!!! He seemed dissapointed that I didn't have any, I told him to put off ordering the new Mercedes because I won't be back giving him any more money this year, hee hee

Some of my friends

Jethro wasn't quite sure if he likes this ugly witch. These are going to the craft show with me, hopefully some one will take them home

Monday, April 23, 2007

Jethro, waiting patiently for me to let him in the house

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I have wood peckers

Yesterday while doing yard work I had two wood peckers outside each trying to out do the other it seemed. I never realized that they had done a number on a couple trees in my yard. This tree is dead in my garden, I was thinking it was time to take it down but after I saw all these holes in it, I will leave it there, the more holes the better, I love seeing trees in the woods like this and I love having the noisy peckers come to my yard, I'll try not to answer the door any more when I think some one is knocking on it!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Laconia NH

Fathers Day weekend we have been going to North Woodstock NH for the last 5 years, it also happends to always fall on Ray's birthday. Last year we drove up Mr. Washington, I finally got one of those stickers you always see on bumpers, but when you go on a motorcycle, they give you a miniature version of the sticker, so I stuck it on my helmet

I love Spring

But I hate the ants I get in my house, these are just from this morning, every day I come home from work I kill about this many. Something yummy must be stuck on my counter top. Maybe I should clean....... naw

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I had a visitor today

My Mom's cat likes to come over and sniff around my deck, My Cat Harley growls at him but he doesn't seem to mind, he keeps coming back. I found him in my garage a couple times and once they were in the kitchen together, I came home and found fur balls all over the place, they must have been scrapping

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm not going out today

Too much snow, he spent the night outside last night, so he isn't about to budge off his blankie

The finally found the bird feeder


yesterday there were clearly visable buds on the trees. Today covered in snow.

I thought I had a black car?

April Snow showers bring May flowers??? This is just crazy weather.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

How do they get so big???

Where does the time go?? They told me when he started school at 5 that before we knew it, he would be graduating 8th grade and now he is in 5th grade, only three more years and he will be graduating. My golly

5.5.07 West Granby Church

Craft fair again this year, it is sneaking up on me again. I have to get ready. So far I have quite a few new things and of course some good old ones that I am bringing from last years left overs. Hope it doesn't rain!


Someday soon I hope to get out there again and take a ride when it is warm, will it ever happen??? It says 52 degrees but it is so windy it feels like 32. I raked the gardens today, just a little, I found out we are getting the guys to come clean up the yard again, good thing I don't have time, well I could find some but I would rather do something else.......ride .... soon.....maybe???

Friday, April 13, 2007

Can we come out and play??

One litte crocus

Pathetic Flowers this year

This is what I have so

far in the garden. Not anything like last year. Boo Hoo

Crazy Kid

He thinks he is James Bond I guess

I think he loves me

I am the king of the beach

I still think this is funny picture and I was just wishing for summer again

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