Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bike Ride today To Bennington Vermont

Old factory towns we went through in N Adams MA and Pittsfield, MA. I am not sure if these are apartments or not, there didn't seem to be any life in them but there were a lot of apartment houses all over the place

This old house or hotel was right before we got into Bennington VT center, I am not sure what it is or was but someone has scaffolding around it so maybe it will be saved. It was huge

The polite thing to do is wave to ALL the other motorcycles that you pass on the road. Sometimes on a nice day like today, you may as well just hold your hand out the entire ride. There were so many bikers out, it was 87 degree's out, no wonder

Vermont is known for it's covered bridges, I didn't know they had a museum

Phil and Lisa , our faithful riding partners, they are always up for a ride to just about anywhere.

Hemmings store, Ray really liked this old truck

We ate lunch at a nice place that I forgot to remember the name of it, I took this for Cheryl, it reminded me

outside the restaraunt street scene

These are hard to see but there were about 8 wind turbines, (is that what they are called?) up on the ridge line


Biddie said...

Looks like you all had a beautiful day for your trip. The land was flater than I would have thought.

You need to add some words to describe what's going on in your pictures for us out here in viewer land .....

Kristen said...

Sorry about that Biddie, I was putting this up last night and company came over so I hit post instead of save for later. They stayed longer than I thought so I went to bed about midnight and never got back here to fix it until now

Bennington VT isn't very far from us, maybe 1.5 hours so the hills and mountains are not as big as farther up north closer to Canada. We went up through Otis Ma to get there and came home through Pittsfield MA, that town is kind of gross. Lots of old factories and apartments

Biddie said...

Good Morning ... Didn't mean to sound fussy - it was so different to see your pictures without any explanation that I thought that I'd tease you a little.

Your friends sure have a full set of leathers - they are really prepared for riding.

I thought of Cheryl at the picture of the crow also - it reminded me of her 'dancing in the moonlight' picture.

There was a picture at the bottom last night which was fascinating - it must have been in Pittsfield - you need to put it back up. It is such a contrast to the rest of the countryside that you rode through.

Glad that you had a good ride!!

Biddie said...

P.S. About the crowtown sign - it would make a good subject for one of your old advertising signs!

Kristen said...

I deleted that picture by mistake this morning. I don't really know how to get it back where I had it either, they always come in as the last one loaded is the first picture you see. So I put that and the big old house back up.

Phil & Lisa have a more sporty kind of bike and load up on the gear, we have a Harley which is more casual attire. Our helmets are not full face either so we got a pretty good sunburn on our faces yesterday despite the lotion we put on.

I love old signs and I would like to make one like this, it was on an old barrel top of some sort or a cheese container? Not sure but the place made its own beer so maybe it was a beer barrel top?

Maureen said...

what a nice ride that must have been. Thanks for the directions to those houses; I think the delivery really made some sad people happy.

Cheryl said...

Love that crow sign! I might just have to borrow the idea for another little painting :)

Looks like you guys had a lovely trip, and what a nice day for one :)

Priscilla said...

Looks like a fun ride you had. I like Bennington, though I haven't been there in a long time.

I looked at this post the other day before you had the captions up. Very nice post.

Kristen said...

Hi P
It was a great day for a ride, a little too hot mid day but once you get moving after sitting in the hot sun, it was so nice. Bennington is a nice town, I don't recall going there but I guess Mt Snow is right around the corner, so I had been there, everything looks different in the winter vs summer up here

Priscilla said...

That was one hot weekend. On Sunday PM I went on a birding walk with a group. At times the sun was broiling and I thought I would faint. We looked at marsh birds at Flax Pond. Fun.

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