Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 beautiful days this weekend

We rode to Kent CT today, I would highly recommend driving there either in a car or on a motorcycle. What a nice ride, I rode my own motorcycle so I was not able to take pictures as we drove, I miss doing that and I miss being able to look around as much as I used to, driving my own, I must pay attention to mostly the other idiot drivers out there that don't pay attention

We ate at the place in the picture above but this is the street scene, what a nice town in Litchfield county

Some choppers

It felt like we were at a bike week there were so many motorcycles riding everywhere. It got to 90 degree's today, perfect weather for riding if you ask me!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good bye for now.....Until next year

Since last Friday we have had the pleasure of 6 guests from Norway. This is from this morning breakfast at my Mom's house before they leave for NYC to spend the weekend there before they take off for Norway on Monday

Randi and Siri, my cousins.

Kari-Ann and Knut. Knut is my cousin and she is his girlfriend.

Randi and Eva, sisters and Knut's sisters
Knut, he is a very funny guy! I had a lot of fun learning new words. He taught me to count to 10 in Norwegian

Linda, she is mother to Randi, Eva and Knut. She got a bit teary eyed this morning and made the rest of us cry too. Such a nice lady, she stayed in my house with Eva.

My sister Lois and Siri. Siri and Linda are sisters. Siri has been to USA many times and a good tour guide to the family

Knut, Kari-Ann, Randi (pregnant with Arthur!) Eva, Siri and Linda

Me, Knut, Kari-Ann, Tyler, Randi, Mariah, Mom, Scott, Lois, Linda, Randi and Siri
Before they got into the van to take them to NYC.
I was planning on going to Norway this year but then when I found out they were coming here, I decided to wait until next year. Now I think my Mom and I are going in June 2011, Lois maybe coming too, any one else want to tag along??? I can't wait :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Norway Cousins are here for a visit

Randi and her mother Linda. Randi is due to have a baby boy, Arthur in November. Her Grand dad was named Arthur

Knut and Lois. Ray preferred Newt even though I said you pronounce the K

Breanna, Tyler and Corey
My so friendly sister!


Colebrook Reservoir

The water level is down, so you can see how deep it really is

The remains of an old bridge can be seen when the water level goes down. Last year it was so low, you could walk on the bridge

Someone got a little muddy

Can you see the people down there?

Hoping to see Bald eagles like I did before but there were none today

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fine feathered Friends

Ever since I made my new garden I get a ton of Finches eating at the flowers

Mr. Cardinal was watching whats going on up high trying to hide but with his color it's kind of hard not to see him

I have one Hummer that must be the mean daddy of them all, he has white on top of his head, he swarms in and chases all the others away and screetches really loud, I can't a good picture because he won't stay still, he was on the other side of the feeder and you can see him through the glass

This little girl never gets a break but she managed to get a drink for a second

This one had a longer chance to get some breakfast before being chased off

And here we have another mean daddy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life is good....

Cheryl, I took this for you, with my cell phone so they quality is not that great but I wanted to show the bright purple they turned into. I have not done a thing with these, I heard coffee grounds do the trick. I think since we cut a few tree's down that they are finally getting some sun but still shade. This is the first year I have had flowers on them.

I got new boots for riding my motorcycle, this is my 2nd pair, I didn't like the first one's and returned them for these.

Got my new chair yesterday. It's not quite worn in yet but I'm sure my butt will break it in soon. It's very soft and the ottoman lifts up for storage. (all my books are in there already!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here I am, Here I am!!

Ok this is not me

So I rode my new motorcycle to work on Friday, Elaine came out to try it out. The skirt and flip flops didn't make it easy for her to get on it!

So then I left work at noon thirty Friday to go up to NY for the weekend. What a nice day saturday was!

Ray made his usual stop for Ice Cream!

On the way home Sunday, big traffic jam, a car fire! By the time we got up to the car, it was a charred mess! so 1/2 hour later we got through the jam!

Hope you all had a nice weekend too, Sorry I have been absent from the blogging world, busy at work, busy at home and just busy all around!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing new going on here

These are from last year before school started, in just a few weeks he goes off to highschool! where does the time go?

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