Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goofin around on a raining afternoon

Corey and Ray's grandson, Robert, he slept over last night and stayed till dinner tonight, they were into basically EVERYTHING!! Went shopping,ate, went swimming, ate,played Halloween Dress up, ate,Video games, ate,watched movies,ate, went to church, ate the entire loaf of french bread I made in the bread machine, rode bikes,ate, chased girls, ate, rollerbladed and oh did I mention Eat?
I think Corey was trying to be some sort of Edward Fork Hands!
I wish I had the energy still that they do!!

Just a few pictures

This is beard something flowers, I can't remember, they look like little faces to me

Finally got a flower on these seedlings!

I can't remember what these are but I grew them from seeds and they are getting quite big now

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Piano Man is calling my name....

Yep I am going to see him again for the 3rd time in my life so far. Ahhhhhh

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fish tank

I have not put up any pictures of the fish Tank, yesterday I got up in the morning and found one on the kitchen floor, he commited suicide, I forgot to shut the cover when I went to bed, oops

I got rid of the live plants and the growing light because it was just too much work to keep it clean, this way I have it now is very easy and takes no time at all to clean

Rain is a good thing

Jacobs Ladder

Seeds I grew, Cosmo's

Close up of the biggest Sunflower so far

These are my seeds except the roses that are not doing so good, and yesterday I was trying to put some stakes out for the bigger ones, I broke off a sunflower stalk, now I think I am down to 4, I have never had any luck growing sunflowers

Morning glories are starting to grab onto the trellis, how do they find them any how, it's like they have eyes

Monday, June 23, 2008

NH flowers

Long lost twins??

We saw three moose this weekend

I can't take credit for this picture, Larry our friend got a bunch of good shots, I of course, had camera failure, or operator error but none the same, I did see 3 different moose on 3 different occasions!!!

More NH pictures

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everybody is sleeping,


Lois and Tova (sister who is probably going to kill me for putting her picture up & our cousin's kid) Lois is Alex's mother

My Nephew Alex graduated from 8th Grade last night, He was the smartest kid in the class!!!! 2 Years of distinguished honors!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jethro layin in the sun this morning

Just Fooling Around

Last day of school today!!!

My tomato plants that I grew from seeds

Good Morning

Peonies are opened finally

These are growing under birdhouse

This is my NY mess, everything in this garden I transplanted from our NY house to CT
I'm not sure if my birdies are still in here, I have not seen them
It's kinda cool this morning, I put long pants on for work

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