Thursday, June 7, 2012

Owl house #3 done

This one is for a raffle tomorrow night for the land trust. We are having a presentation from the audobon society with live birds of prey.
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Biddie said...

Sorry ~~ I'm not ignoring your blog. You've been so active over on facebook that I got out of the daily habit of checking your blog.

I didn't know that owls would live in a man-made owl-house like this. Good luck with the Birds of Prey seminar. I bet your owl house will be a great find for someone!!!

Kristen said...

Thats ok, I am very frustrated with Blogger so I spend more time on FB because I can upload to that easier than I can here. I cant do much of anything at work computer except write reply notes. My blog kind of got messy and I have not had much time to play with it either. I'm hoping to get an Iphone soon and I wonder if that will work at all with blogger. I'm debating finding another blog host to use but don't really know what kind to use.

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