Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I can use blogger on my iPad !!!! Now maybe I'll stop putting up such boring cell phone cheesy posts.


Priscilla said...

Wow! Great action shot. Great color contrast.

Kristen said...

Thanks, that is actually from last year in Maine. I was playing around with my ipad last night and thought I 'd give blogger another shot, they must have updated the apps because I was able to download it and use it.

Biddie said...

The picture sure is a great action shot!!

I have a couple of questions about your iPad .....

Does it have a camera?
How do you transfer files/pictures from other sources?

Since I know nothing about them, I'm assuming it's a wireless connection to the internet?

One of these first Tuesdays, I want to get one ......

Kristen said...

Hi buddie,
There we go with auto correct again! Sorry about that

The iPad has a camera, not a very good one but it's ok, I find outside pics come out better than inside, it also has face time, chat thing on lline although I have never used it.

It's wireless but I don't have the 4 g or what ever you call it, I can only use where I have a free wireless connection, home, hotels etc.

I can plug in my memory card or camera directly with this $30 gadget I got to transfer pictures onto the iPad and then I can upload them to Facebook, blogger etc.

Apples must have realized the glitch with blogger and fixed it. I still can watch certain videos though

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