Friday, October 12, 2012

very quiet in my house without him

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Biddie said...

I couldn't help but tear-up while reading your posts about Harley. He was such a good ol' kitty kat!!!!

I hate losing any of my little 4-legged buddies ~~ the house always feels so unbalanced when one of them is gone no matter how many remain.

Hope you find another yella-fella to fill the empty space.

Kristen said...

Thanks, this hit me harder than any of my previous kitty's , maybe because I'm older and I've had each one the same amount of time and I got them when ray and I got together. Harley was supposed to be Corey's cat, well we all know who ever feeds them they become attached to. He was my blanket every night and now I'm sitting here with a store bought blanket on my lap, it's not the same :(

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