Monday, February 25, 2013

Norway houses

Biddie to answer some of your questions... They do have basements in Norway. The houses are a lot like ours here, I guess I assumed they would be much different too. The White House was my grandpa oles house, my moms father, he lived there by the ocean growing up, and the lady with my mom and me is his sister. The brown house is where my gramp was born. It's was one of our last stops on our trip.

The grey small house was my dads fathers house, it's called bubakka. I didn't know the houses had names, I thought bubakka was a town. The bigger grey house is my cousin Rolf's house.he is the current owner of bubakka and built his house behind it. They live at the bottom of a mountain and took me up to the top in the car which over looks the water which happens to look just like our reservoir here.

The grass roofs have been around for years, the ones I have taken pictures of are at a ski mountain. Here is a new chalet just being built that hasn't been stained yet. The rich folks own these houses and go,there mostly on the weekends.

Ok my Norwegian relatives reading this, I hope I have explained this all correctly!!


Biddie said...

Kristen ~~ I'm sorry it took me so long to find your post. What a wonderful sense of family history you have!!

Your Dad and Mom must have grown up near each other. Those houses are so attractive and so well kept ~~ they don't seem to have any signs of being as old as they are.

The photo of the water from the mountain top is breath-taking. What a spectacularly beautiful country!

Thanks so much for taking the time to put these pictures up!

Kristen said...

Thats ok Biddie! Gosh I just realized I took such crooked pictures!!
My parents did not live in Norway, both of my grandfathers did, they came over here to work and send money back home. They lived about I am guessing here, 4 hours apart from each other, and I am not sure if they knew each other when they lived in Norway but they both lived on the same street in CT and now I live in one of thier houses and my sister lives in the other one.

The picture of the water is up on top of the mountain behind my dads fathers house, it was raining a lot when we were there so not so great to take pictures. my cousin drove me up there to show me the view twice because of the weather and I had a hard time taking pictures.

I'm planning on another trip in 3 years.

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