Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prom pics

My boy is growing up!  He doesn't get dressed up very often but he sure cleans up nice. I'm a proud momma today.

Nicole and corey, I nicknamed her coconuts, funny....everybody was calling her that all night

They're just plain cute! She's so good for him too.  
Corey's cousin, kasey, came to say hi and get some pictures, she's a great friend and cousin
Nephew Alex, sharply dressed for his prom date, uh friend? I am not sure but I think he was just filling in for a prom date gone bad, None the less, he was looking good
Can you believe this?  Look at all,these kids and this wasn't even all of them
Coconuts dad had a word of advice...treat my daughter well or else!


Biddie said...

Corey seems to have a quiet dignity about him ~~ quite different from when he's in the middle of a motorcycle race, eh?

I love the picture of the 2 of you together ~~ he's getting tall, for sure!!

The kids all getting together like that for a group photo is a great idea. Hope Coconuts and Corey had a great time!!!

Kristen said...

he's turned into a nice young man, way different than when he was 13 or 14, oh boy did I want to strangle him myself back then!! He made me proud, and yes he is getting tall, I wonder if he'll get any taller

Weird these pictures are blurry on my computer at work. they were not like that at home, how did they look at your house Biddie?

Biddie said...

They look fine on my computer ~~ they are better focused than my pictures usually are (I usually have to use the "focus" tool in my graphics program to get them looking reasonable).

I don't have a good grade camera and I've never learned some of the camera skills that you and Cheryl have developed so I make up for it by "tweaking" my pictures with the graphics tools.

Probably the differences you are noticing are due to any differences in the screen resolution settings in the 2 different computers.

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