Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roses in my garden

This has been the best year ever for my roses.  I have never had this many and they smell heavenly, when the wind blows I can smell them in my bedroom


Biddie said...

They certainly are doing beautifully ~~ don't get dizzy from the aroma!!

Are you able to have your windows open???? I just realized that you wrote that you could smell them in your bedroom ~~ how fine to be able to sleep in fresh air ....

Kristen said...

Yes we leave our windows open, it's much cooler in EH than what I call "downtown" (Granby) and at night it cools down very nice and it's breezy, it's been pretty humid the last couple days though, we have window AC units but have not put them in yet, just using attic fan and we have some smaller fans by the bed which keep us cooled off.

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