Friday, January 3, 2014

Brrrrrr it is so cold

I was out shoveling the deck this morning.  It doesn't take me more than 10 minutes I suppose but it was wickedly cold.  My previously frostbit fingers and toes can't take that kind of cold.  They hurt from it actually.  Way back when I went to Yellowstone is when I got frostbite and it never goes away


Priscilla said...

I like that hat!

Warmer today. Our 12 inches of snow is sinking down. How much did you get?

Biddie said...

Good Morning !!! I have to apologize for not visiting sooner ~~ unfortunately, with FB viewing, I tend to forget about the blogs ....

My big toes got frostbite years ago on a girl scout campout ~~ my feet slipped out the bottom of my "sleeping bag" made from blankets according to directions from our leader. To this day, those 2 toes hurt if they get cold ...... I feel for you with all your fingers/toes frozen ~~ dealing with just my 2 toes is uncomfortable to say the least!

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