Thursday, April 28, 2011

My new company car!

You like? He just threw it at me today. Too bad its only rubber
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Cheryl said...

Woohoo!!! Roadtrip, I call shotgun :P

Biddie said...

What a fine looking screaming-zonker-yellow car! For sure, some good road trips ahead... I'd need to lose some more weight before I can ask for a ride.

Priscilla said...

Very nice.
Looks fuel efficient.
What do the symbols on the hood stand for?

Kristen said...

its a rubber car that my boss found when cleaning out his office, he threw it at me so I told everybody ha ha I got a company car and you didn't!
The symbols are insurance company logo P.

Cheryl said...

Kris, I went back to Meadowview today for the Gaylord House garden, I picked you up a Clematis for your obelisk. That way you can leave the Mandevilla as a hanging basket.

The Clematis is to thank you for the Elephant Ear bulb you brought me.

Kristen said...

awe you didn't have to do that! I knew you liked those elephant ears! Thanks! !See you later :)

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