Friday, June 10, 2011

im on vacation

Just a four day weekend. This is a view from my ny porch. Im having coffee watching the traffic go by and a coyote just ran from our driveway across the road with a bunch of birds chasing it. He must have stolen one of the newly hatched babies. There is a huge family of starlings living in the neighbors overhang on the garage. We also saw a porcupine and a big herring on the ride up. I actually rode my own motorcycle up here 176 miles yesterday!
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Cheryl said...

Ok, I have to ask ~ you saw a big herring? Like the fish?? Hey, that coyote is doing a service if it got a starling ~ those birds need their population taken down.

Cudos to you for driving your bike, and hope you have a fun vacation :)

Kristen said...

That was supposed to say heron! Ha ha ha.

Kristen said...

I never thought I would ride that far and on the highway and like it but it was a blast! Thanks

Biddie said...

Ahhhh the good life !!!

Hope you didn't get any saddle sores.

How many 'cycles in your group?

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