Friday, June 3, 2011

picket fence recycle

My friend Patti had and old fence she asked me to paint a flag on it like the magazine plow and hearth sells for $70+ this is free since she already had the fence. Ill finish it up this weekend and put up a picture. Its going to have and old look hopefully when im done
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Cheryl said...

What a great idea! Are you going to antique finish it? Very cool.

Biddie said...

I agree!! What a great idea - I'm going to borrow it. I have some unused fence posts left over from when the perimeter fence was being built - what a great way to use them!

Thanks again for the idea!

Kristen said...

Biddie go to the plow and hearth online page and search for american flag and you will see what it looks like. I am glad to have shared an idea with you :)

Biddie said...

Found it!!! Thanks for the info. I saw another one thatI liked a lot and I bet it would be easy to make - a red star in the middle of a white background (that background has America written on it).

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