Monday, August 15, 2011

Red lily leaf beetle 1. kris 0

I lost again. I tried soap and water and thought I had tackled them but then the rain came. I got busy. And forgot to keep up on it
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Biddie said...

Oh, bummer!! They really stripped that poor plant clean - hope you can get rid of those bugs.

Cheryl said...

I'm going to try diatomaceous earth ~ hopefully it will kill the larval stage and it's non toxic. I hate those little evil beasties!!!

Maureen said...

Cheryl is finally getting through to me about poisoning my yard (that and I don't feel like killing my chickens when they eat poisoned bugs). So, what I decided this year is that if I see the little red buggers, I pull the plant and burn it. Not taking any chances that I get an infestation. I have also found that the lilies from grocery stores or other places that get them brought in enmass are infested with them, so be careful where you buy them.

Kristen said...

I am not sure where I bought this particular Lily but it's the only one that gets them darn bugs. When you pulled it Mo, did you dig up the surrounding soil too? if they over winter in the ground there must be more of them too?

Maureen said...

I get a little of the soil, but have found the bugs to stay quite close to the plant and the bulb. But I do burn the plant, just to really make sure the critters don't survive.

Priscilla said...

Maybe this site
can give you some advice, although M's idea sounds very good.

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