Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remember your first summer love?

I certainly do.... that was one of my best summer memories. What happens as we get older? Summer,Christmas,vacations,etc, they just don't excite me as much like they did when I was a kid. Is it me? The people around me? Just a fact of getting older? I want it back and how do I get it?
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Cheryl said...

I do remember my first love ~ I had a crush on him from the first time I ever met him at around 13 or so. He merely tolerated me as the dorky shy little sister. Our paths crossed again when I was just shy of 17, and oh was it magical ~ complete with our first kiss beneath the moonlight with the ocean waves breaking before us.

How I loved him, with all the fire of a young girl's heart. Too much distance separated us, but maybe that was actually a good thing because our relationship never had a chance to go sour. It remains a sweet memory.

I think as we get older we carry more of the weight of the world on our shoulders, and our perspective becomes shadowed by our knowledge of the complicated nature of life.

That's why I retreat to my garden so much these days ~ my soul has felt very worn out and depleted. When I'm surrounded by flowers, watching the ballet of butterflies and other creatures I feel a sense of that childlike joy and wonder that seems to have slipped away through the years and it gives me some peace.

These are very stressful times, and the world seems to be bubbling over with strife and violence. It's hard to maintain harmony while living in such a volatile world.

Maybe your trip to Norway will revive your spirit ~ I hope you get to see the Northern Lights, and maybe even dance and laugh beneath them. What a wonderful way to reawaken your inner child ~ or so I imagine :) I hope you feel back to good soon!

Kristen said...

Well that is a very nice story Cheryl! I hate to admit but Sean Rocheleau was my first summer love! Oh my gosh, he spent an entire summer painting my gramma's house (lois and scotts) and my job was cleaning the windows and inside because it was vacant after she died. We never even shared a kiss, I just was infatuated with him and then he went out with my cousin, oh he broke my heart. The next summer, he was now chasing me and I just let him keep chasing, ha ha, how evil but I guess it wore off, he was no longer a sparkle in my eye. I did however have a second love at summer camp and thats where I got my first kiss and that is a very fond memory for me, those butterflies in your stomach are a wonderful feeling.

I am excited about my Norway trip, that is going to be something I have never done and I hope to see the beautiful country that it is said to be with my eyes wide open.

I wish the world was a more simple place like it was when I was a kid. Now the kids have everything, the internet and electronics that do just about everything, there is nothing sacred any more.

Ho Hum! I wish I lived with the Waltons:)

Biddie said...

I think it is wonderful that Corey is so secure in his family that he would actually write it out in the open!

Remembering my first infatuation and kiss, whatever thrill might have been in it, it was much overshadowed by the fear that my father would find out.

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