Tuesday, January 17, 2012

gobble gobble

I see this flock every morning on my way to work. Usually they are in a field but today decided to stand in the middle of the road
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Angie Berry said...

Oh wow! What a neat sight and such a pretty backdrop with the snow! So funny they are in the road, haha. I enjoy your photos, thanks for sharing them~

Priscilla said...

They were waiting for someone to take their picture and you obliged. (Maybe they're setting up a Facebook page)

Kristen said...

They are all over Facebook!!! I got so many comments about this picture today.

Thanks Angie!! we got a nice dusting of 2 inches last night, it was supposed to include rain but we didn't get that which I am thankful for

Biddie said...

My goodness ~~ what a fantastic sight!!! That is a huge flock ~~ I had no idea that so many would be together like that. What a great photo ~~ you should submit it to the National Geographic Photo of theday/month website!

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