Thursday, January 19, 2012

My little boy is not so little any more

He drives me everywhere. I like that but I still get nervous and he gets his license on the 26th! Yikes!
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Cheryl said...

I remember just like it was yesterday you holding him in your arms over at your mom's house, ~ I think it was the first time I met you. Time flies, doesn't it? The cute little baby has grown into a fine young man :)

Kristen said...

yep you got that right, all our kids are getting old, I still feel like I am the kid though. Corey was pokin fun at me working out saying he can go faster than me, I said geez kid, your 16, I'm uh, gulp, 43!!! Yikes How did that happen??!?!? I remember my mom being 43 and I thought she was old and I told him that and he said well 43 is kind of old. What a brat! ha haa

Cheryl said...

I think of the fact that Nik is now older than I was when I had two babies underfoot, makes me feel older than dirt. Oh well, I guess we have no choice in the matter of growing old, right?

Biddie said...

((Hee Hee)) NO YOU DON'T ~~ AND ~~ it gets more challenging with every passing year!

Biddie said...

P.S. Looks like the young man found himself a job. Good Fortune, indeed!

Is it Lowes or Home Depot? I love wandering through those two stores.

Kristen said...

This was at Lowes, I had to get wood, the story of my life, I spend more time at home improvement stores and LOVE it!

Come next week I'm hoping after the little man gets his license he will find a part time job to help pay for the gas in the car he is going to be driving

Regarding getting older, I know we can't stop it and sometimes I am very glad to be older and wiser but I do miss being in my thirties!

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