Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cheryl and power tools

Are not a good mix! I think she required a couple band aids
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Cheryl said...

Ok, first of all my hair looks very weird...maybe it's time to cut this mess off, and second of all I have to agree that I'm not so good with power tools. Such a clutz!!

Cheryl said...

(it was worth the bloodshed though, lol!!)

Kristen said...

Hee hee hee I saw cara last night , we were laughing about your clumsiness but al kidding aside, you are a very artistic lady and have some great ideas in that head of yours, nothing wrong with your hair either, who look s at the top of your head anyways?

Biddie said...

Cheryl your hair has really grown. Is this the longest you've ever had it?

If you do cut it, save a lock of it .... Then there's still enough to donate to locks-of-love.

I had to smile ~~ it was in a back shot like this of my head that I discovered just how grey my hair had gotten ~~ I never noticed it when looking face-forward in the mirrow.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the nice words. I was telling David how envious I am of your basement, so many tools and such a great space for making stuff! I really enjoy collaborating creative forces with you. Mom, I might have had this long once before. I rarely do the hot roller thing now and usually it's just straight ~ after seeing these pics I think that's the way I should go, lol. And boy does my thumb hurt today!!

Kristen said...

It was a lot of fun , we should do it again! I'll help you make the grim reaper when it comes time for Halloween

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