Thursday, February 16, 2012

My new car

2012 Toyota Camry SE. The color is attitude black.... hmm do I have an attitude? Well if I didn't, I have one now!  It's a lot like my Nissan Altima in size and features except it has a lot of new stuff, XM Radio, Navigation, Blue Tooth and a whole bunch of airbags
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Biddie said...

Wow!! What a slick, elegant-looking vehicle! Congratulations!

That's a lot of fancy equipment to learn ~~ have fun.

After all the stuff settles down for this new house, I'm going to look into selling my Hyundai and Vanna White and getting a small pickup truck.

Priscilla said...

Hey, you did it! Congratulations!
Nice looking car. It does have an attitude--I know someone who bought the same car recently and she's lively like you! Have fun! A new car makes even chores enjoyable (I seem to remember from way back) Does the Little Boy get to drive it?

Kristen said...

Thanks ! I just picked it up last night, drove it home and then drove to work, lots of new gadgets to learn but I should be able to figure it out, I hope!
Biddie that sounds like a perfect vehicle for you- with all the hay and animal stuff you do, I thought about a truck actually but Ray has a Tahoe so if I need to haul something I can use that.
Priscilla Thank you ! I need a cheer me up comment like that, I've had a darn cold for near two weeks now!

The boy may be able to drive it now and again but we kept the old car for that purpose, he also has a car at Dad's house he can use, now both of his parents have 3 vehicles, unfortunately he does not like that, too bad, he's 16, when he gets a job and pays some of the bills, then he can have a nice car!!

Angie Berry said...

Very nice! Have fun with it! =]

Tyra Shortino said...

LOL @ a whole bunch of airbags! Your new Camry looks great, and it is a good replacement for your old Nissan Altima. Now you have the attitude to be proud of! :)

[Tyra Shortino]

Kristen said...

Hi Angie! I'll plan on it! Hello Tyra, I said a whole bunch because I couldn't remember how many there actually are but It is a whole lot!

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