Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Tuesday Monday

Ray and I were talking this morning getting ready for work and he said happy Tuesday Monday, after a long weekend and having Monday off, Tuesday becomes our Monday.  It was a beautiful weekend, the weather every day was just fabulous.  We met some of our friends Friday after work for some drinks and dinner.

 Saturday I took a photography lesson with Cheryl and learned a lot that I didn't know about my camera and of course we had a lot of fun together.

I went for a motorcycle ride in the afternoon with the same friends we were with Friday night though Litchfield County and it was beautiful except for the pollen in the air.

Sunday I weeded my gardens, what a chore that was!!  I feel better now that I got most of that done.  I also had a lot of fun watching my new birds in the house, Tree Swallows.  I have pictures but I'll tell you why they are not on here in a minute.  I also went for a short motorcycle ride with Teri to watch her eat lunch, I had already eaten, she took me away from the gardens which was a welcome sidetrack since it was pretty hot outside.

Monday was the usual Memorial day, went to out two minute parade, took another motorcycle ride and went to a few picnics.

So the reason for no pictures..... I can't upload any from work because my browser is no longer supported by blogger.  At home, my Ipad will not allow me to upload any either and I have not tried my Imac book pro yet but I will try that later.  The only way I can upload pictures is with my cell phone and those are not such great pictures.  Needeless to say, I am very frustrated with this blogger thing.....

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!


Biddie said...

Good grief!! I don't think you could have possibly squeezed one more thing into your busy, non-stop weekend!!

The blogger problem is weird ~~ and frustrating, for sure. What browser do you use at work?

Kristen said...

how do I find out what browser I use ?

Biddie said...

Good Morning!! Usually there is up on the top part of a browser, a button of some kind that says "help", "info" or the like.

Clicking on it brings up a menu ~~ look for something like "about". Click on it ~~ it should tell you what browser and version you are using.

Hope this helps .....

Kristen said...

Oh ! Thanks, it says Internet explorer 8

Biddie said...

This is what I use also ~~ it's ore-or-less the PC standard for right now.

You must have hit Blogger when it was changing its software around again. Google is still adjusting all its products to work off one controlling data base.

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