Monday, March 18, 2013

Engagement picture practice

These are our friends, Jay and Tara, getting married this October 13, 2013. I offered to take their save the date pictures so I can practice and they can save money. I am not sure what a professional charges and I told them by no means would I be offended if they didn't like my pictures. I took about 300 in three different locations. I wasn't getting a squeeling happy scream over any of them until we got to the one with his leg lifted against the barn, she LOVED it, so that's the one! Makes me happy to help and see a bride smile.


Cheryl said...

The barn shot is great ~ but I love the one with the horse :)

Biddie said...

The picture with them leaning against the barn is definitely the "keeper"!! But the 2 pictures with the dog and horse are the runners-up.

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