Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday drive

I took a ride looking for my favorite subject, barns. I found a few that I liked and had not seen before but I was kind of upset to see my favorite one in Hartland at my friend Junes house. The roof is damaged where a big tree was growing up in it. I've attached a picture from summer so you can see what it looked like before


Biddie said...

Some of those barns are HUGE!!! Sorry your favorite one is in serious decline. The Alpine barn is really interesting ~~ there was a lot of log-sawing in that one!!.

There are lots of barns here in this area but they tend to be much smaller and simpler in contruction.

Kristen said...

the Alpine barn was really cool, what a great idea and whoever did it had the patience of a saint! I sure hope June gets her barn fixed, she lives in the oldest house in town and she takes such care of her property, she is the one that has the pond your friend painted

Priscilla said...

These are lovely country pictures.

Kristen said...

I saw my friend June that owns the old Barn in Hartland and she sadly told me she is tearing down her barn, it's too far gone to be saved she said.

Biddie said...

Sorry to hear about that barn. BUT WAIT .... can you get any of the wood and beams out of it for your craft work???

I've seen ads by entrepenuers (sp?) that take down this kind of barn carefully so they can resell the parts!!!

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