Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chain saw carving

Our friends in town are having a tree stump carved into a momma bear and her cub. The work started today so I drove by on my way to work to get a before picture. Tonight on my way home I stopped to see how the progress went today. Ill keep checking in as the days go by , he said it would be done by the weekend


Priscilla said...

Hey, that's interesting. The bear was in there all the time!

Biddie said...

OMG!!!! Kudos to your friends for having the imagination to do this!!! What a huge stump ~~ like Priscilla said above, I bet those bears were in there all this time!!

That chainsaw artist is doing a fabulous job!!!!!!

Kristen said...

Its a really big tree, I can't even imagine how this guys brain works figuring out where to put stuff. There is going to be a bobcat on the left top side and an owl on the other side.

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