Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Same picture....7 different ways..

Caristy , I love your Gramma's place. I drove by after work today and took some pictures of her barn. These are some examples of all the iPad apps and how you can easily change the picture. Seems like cheating to me... But wow! What a difference .


CJ Olson said...

So fun! I miss my grandma's barn! I wish that I could try to take pictures!

Biddie said...

I like the 1st picture the most.

These barns are almost architectural wonders ~~ they are massive. And so well built to have lasted so many years.

You could start a project (and maybe a book) of documentation of them with pictures and info on who owned them, who built them, when, what they were used for, maybe even some interior shots to show the layout and construction details .... what a great historical record!!!!

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