Monday, July 18, 2011

do i have two different plants here? lori? i think you gave this to me

What do you think?
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Lori said...

Yes you have 2 different perennials. The yellow flower is a Ligularia, this is a really good indicator plant. It will let you know when your garden is in need of watering. Unfortunately I can't remember the other bigger leaf plant but it should have a white flower. It also may be anoter form of ligularia, not too sure.

Kristen said...

Well they all seem pretty happy where I put them. One of my neighbors was walking by and I had the tag for one ligularia and I actually remembered you telling me that name, it has tall yellow flowers, have not seen any white flowers yet. I couldnt figure out what this one was.

How is your house coming along?

Lori said...

The house is coming along slowly. The roof and hatchway have been replaced and now they are going to start working inside. The coordinator of my job is on vacation next week so I don't think much will get done until he gets back. Windows, doors and siding have been ordered. So, that's about it. I'm still living in a 60 foot trailer in my yard. Only one garden lasted, everything else got smooshed!

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