Thursday, July 14, 2011

For you Cheryl

They think they own th road. Sheesh!
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Biddie said...

The road's path through the forest is so beautiful and peaceful that you can see why the bicyclist would want to ride there but what a nuisance for the person in the car behind him - like you trying to get home after work ....

Cheryl said...

I saw that on your FB, I decided since I've been feeling so grumpy & sad lately I'd keep my mouth shut this time, rather than let loose another rant, lol. It does make me so mad the way they hog the road and expect you to just crawl along behind them ~ especially on these curvy roads where it is not easy to pass them.

Your comment about wishing for a foghorn reminded me of when Dad & I were on our travels and he had a police intercom system wired into his car. You can just imagine some of the funny situations that got us into.

Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

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