Saturday, October 15, 2011

i even went to the gym in nyc

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Cheryl said...

Work it, Girl!! Good morning to you, your dessert last night looked yummy. What are you guys doing today ~ Macy's?

Kristen said...

Ugh it was rough!! Yes we arr probly going shopping as usual!
Miss you here! We were laughing last night ar dinner about our previous trips.

Biddie said...

Wow!! More power to ya!

I was planning to participate in a 5K walk this morning in town. Since I normally wake up between 4/5 AM, I didn't bother to set an alarm clock. And, given all the unpredictability of the universe, I didn't wake until almost 7:30 - way too late to feed the animals and get to town - it started at 7:30 ....

Why do they have to hold them so early? I can understand this to beat the heat in summer but our mornings are wonderfully cool now.


P.S. This annual company trip is a fabulous benny!

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