Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Biddie said...

While I don't "suffer" with vertigo, I do have a very, very mild form of it. If I were standing there on the crest of that mountain, I would feel that familiar tiny tinge of the scene slowly turning to the left and the land rolling forward, dumping me off. Even pictures like these can trigger the feeling.

Fortunately, the feeling has never become operant! ((altho' I have been known to reach out to hold onto something strong a couple of times))

Besides all my nonsense above, were you out for a bike ride when you took this?

Kristen said...

Oh that must be a weird feeling, the only time I felt weird was in Chicago when I stood on that glass balcony and then in Norway at the ski jump

I took this picture right over the town line from Hartland in Granby, it's an old property that has a hiking trail on it that was donated by the dead lady that owned it

Cheryl said...

I still haven't hiked that trail ~ I always forget it's there! I bet it's a nice hike, it's so beautiful there.

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