Sunday, October 9, 2011

the motley crue

We rode to Vermont today. I didn't get any pictures and wish I had. Maybe ill take a ride in the car next time because the leaves are just about to fall off. The remnants of the flooding are still there. Wow they were hit hard
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Biddie said...

Good Morning!! What a crew / crue for sure!!

Do you have some kind of decoration on your helmet?

Kristen said...

Oops I am a product of the 80's! Motley Crue is a rock band that was very popular when I was in Highschool, I guess that spelling is just stuck in my brain forever!

I have a "this bike climbed Mt. Washington" sticker on the side. I did not ride up on my own bike but I was on the back of Ray's. SCARY!!! A car is a better way of going to the top of that mountain, plus its Freezing even in the middle of summer, it was 90 degrees at the bottom and probably 30 with extreme winds at the top

My new sticker is going on the helmet, Moose in Norway!

Priscilla said...

Wasn't it great weather yesterday? All weekend long, for that matter. Can't remember a nicer stretch of good weather in October. You must've had fun with your gang.

Cheryl said...

Such a strange fall we are having ~ I wonder what this winter will bring?

Kristen said...

I love how pretty fall is, I hate knowing snow is next. This has been a weird season all year I agree!

Maureen said...

You the only "Shera"?

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