Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little bit of snow last night

Absolutely none where I work though 12 miles away. Living on top of a mountain makes such a difference
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Cheryl said...

I noticed when I went to town today mine was the only vehicle with snow on it. I felt so special, lol!!

Kristen said...

We are special! I get asked all the time where I came from with all this snow. Then they don't know where Hartland is, like wow, thats like Alaska way up there!!

Biddie said...

Sorry I'm so late finding this snow picture! Snow is so beautiful to look at ~~ especially when it's falling. When I lived up north, I used to get all bundled up and go walk around in it (not even allowing myself to think about the shoveling out the driveway to come later .... As a stay-at-home mother back then, I was always responsible for shoveling the driveway!

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