Tuesday, December 6, 2011

santa s workshop is open

Made these last night
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Priscilla said...

What fun you have in your workshop!

Biddie said...

I love this idea !!! You could make up bunches of letters of the alphabet and people could create their own words.

Priscilla said...

K, did your power go off with all that wind last night? Ours did, at 3:00, but back on at 9am. Whew!

Kristen said...

I love my workshop and I especially love to make things for sale to make some extra money but even more to give my stuff as gifts.
I sold 11 of these on Facebook the other day so I have my hands full now! I offered to make any kind of sayings too and I got a couple other requests other than Believe

We didnt lose any power but the town next to ours did. Glad you got it back on, I dont wish that on anybody!!

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