Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry after Christmas

I fell behind as usual on my Christmas planning, no cards, waited until Christmas eve to shop, put my tree up late, no decorations in the house, just didn't feel it this year, like a few years now, it just isn't the same for me.   Once I got to my Mom's house for dinner I did my best to be bubbly and get into the spirit, of course I had some bubbly before I got there to help with the situation, hee hee.   I tried............

Ray gave me a new Apple I Mac Laptop which I am just getting used to, it's a bit different but I can tell it will be fabulous, problem right now, I can not update my blog, it won't allow me to upload pictures, I need to get something called Boot Camp to change it to a PC in order to do that.  Next on my long list of things to do

I got Corey a dirtbike.  Yup I bit the bullet and spent a boat load but he was pretty happy which made me happy that I was able to do this for him, you only live once, what the heck, can't take it with you.....

Hoping everyone had a great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.  I'm heading to NY Friday, hoping for some snow since we are bringing some friends from the Carolina's and they don't get to see snow like we do.


Biddie said...

Hang in there ... Christmas (the conspicuous consumer part) is for kids. The snow for your friends is the MERRY part!

And you can quietly be with your soul's part in Christ-mas as you need.

Have fun!

Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed Christmas at your mom's this year, and while you may not have felt the spirit so much at least you are looking wonderful!! You are a great spokesbabe for going to the gym, lol!

Corey was cracking me up with the whole "newt" thing. Did he get one?

Kristen said...
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