Friday, May 27, 2011

Me & my scooter

I was part of a covert operation the other day, get my friend to her graduation party, we went out riding for a coupel hours and then had to deliver her to her sisters house.  It worked, she had no idea, this was taken when we got there, it was kinda chilly!


Biddie said...

Was it a surprise party? From high school or what?

I hadn't seen a leather jacket with pink stripes before - sorta spiffy!!!

Teri said...

That's my bad ass girlfriend!

Priscilla said...

And I'll bet it can really scoot.

Kristen said...

A friend I grew up with since we were babies, she recently finished nursing school at 43 years old, Good for her!!
I got that leather jacket from Hot Leathers, they have a web page, you can see. A co- worker of mine, has a sister that works there, they go to all the bike shows and she gives me a good deal on stuff I buy from there. I had to get a pink lady jacket!

Oh teri, you making me blush!

Cheryl said...

Nice picture of you :)

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