Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nice to see green instead of white on the way to work

I found my picture from this winter that I took in February, which one do you like better?


Biddie said...

What a great contrast!

From an artistic point-of-view (if I may be so bold as to assume that I might have a valid one), I like the snowy picture.

But from a gentle, pleasant, let's walk out in the pasture point-of-view, I like the green Spring picture.

I'm surprised to see that you still have trees without their leaves yet - just as I also noticed in one of Cheryl's pictures.

Kristen said...

The trees where Cheryl and I live are just now starting to open up, the ones down by my work have leaves already, some are later than others but for the most part, things are really turning green here finally! The lawns are looking especially green this year, more than I have ever noticed before

Priscilla said...

As pictures I like them equally, but as weather to walk around in ... uh, guess!

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