Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Motorcross weekend in Minot Maine


Priscilla said...

Did you give the pig that black eye?
Such cute piglets. Just like Babe.

Cheryl said...

Nice action shots! And of course I love those pigs :) Are you getting excited about your upcoming trip? How long are you going for?

Kristen said...

Those mamma pigs scared me. The little ones ran away from me.
Thanks Cheryl, I changed my auto mode on camera to action, it really worked, I never tried it before, What a dum bass I am for never trying it
I leave on next Wed, the 14th and come back on the 24th, Whoo hoo, I am excited!! I got an Ipad and I can unload my camera pictures right on the spot! I asked your mom to help me though, I can't upload to blogger on the Ipad.

Cheryl said...

Those Ipads seem pretty cool, but I sure don't have any idea about how to use 'em. I really can't wait to see your pics from this trip :) So exciting!!

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