Friday, September 30, 2011

Vigeland Park, Oslo Norway

 Famous bratty boy, this one has been stolen and was recovered just recently

Amazing artwork at this park.  I should have taken more pictures.  There are so many more that I didn't get pictures of


Cheryl said...

I was so fascinated by the pictures you posted to Flickr of this park I researched it further ~ how beautiful it is! I loved all the different facets of humanity captured in the statues, one day I'd love to go see them in person. It must be amazing to see in real life!

Kristen said...

I could have spent hours walking around there but what started off as a nice warm sunny day quickly turned to dark clouds and rain. Again, it's hard to explain all of this and the enormous size of everything!

Priscilla said...

Those statues are really fascinating. I can imagine how that tantrum-boy would be attractive... A great addition to anyone's garden.

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