Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry for the delay.......

I got back from Norway on Saturday afternoon about 6 pm and Ray and I went to dinner and I stayed up until about 10 pm which was really 4 am Norway time.  I thought it would be best to stay awake and then sleep in Sunday, which I did until 10:30 am.  Then I took a power nap about 2 pm Sunday for about 1 hour.  I caught up on my sleep mostly but I was still a little out of sorts for a couple days. 

Norway is beautiful is all I can say.  I hope my relatives reading this know what a gem they have there.  I told one of my cousins that he lived in heaven and I really meant it.  I had a great time visiting and meeting new relatives.  They were so nice to accomodate us with lodging and food!  Oh my the food!  I thought for sure I was going to need a tractor to get my fat a$$ home but surprisingly, I lost weight, the food must just be better for you there, not so much junk added to the food like we do here.   

Thank you again to my family, I am so very glad I took this trip especially with my mother.  I have more pictures on flickr which I think everyone knows about now but if not, here is the link again


Priscilla said...

I really enjoyed your pictures, Kristen, especially the food ones and the McDonalds located in that neoclassical building. Glad you and your Mom had a wonderful trip. Truly a beautiful country.

Kristen said...

We sat down in Kristiansand for ice cream outside after a long day of walking/shopping and there I look across the street to a McDonalds! Weird. I forgot what it used to be. I took the food because a friend from home who is also a Norwegian asked me to take pictures of the food.

Thanks I had a great time P and it was nice to visit with everyone, but I was pretty tired by the time I got home

Cheryl said...

That bottom shot is gorgeous! It was wonderful being able to get a glimpse into Norway through your pics ~ my favorite remains the goat on the roof :)

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